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   Mar 31

A Visit From Foxtrot-Delta-Romeo

It’s kind of funky being able to pick up the phone and ask the state government to pay for an 8 million dollar hunk of shiny machinery with flashing lights to come hurtling across the sky to visit.

Bike vs Ant Hill guy was flown out by RFDS tonight and I went to do the hand over. 

The council bloke buzzed the runway a few times to scare the wildlife off (8 million dollar hunks of machinery don’t like running into Skippy – it tends to cause thousands of dollars of damage….not to mention a bloody mess is made of Skippy).

It looks kind of cool seeing the light appear ‘like an angel on the horizon’ in the distance and land making lots of noise and flashing of lights.

Tonight Foxtrot Delta Romeo was visiting us.  The RFDS planes have the call sign Victor Hotel (for Australia) and Foxtrot Delta – followed by another letter.

It’s a relief when the door hisses open, the ambulance ambles (love that alliteration) onto the runway and you can finally hand the patient over. They’re no longer your responsibility…and you can go home and put your feet up and hope to hell the phone doesn’t ring with another conniption to deal with (fear the phone).

Thank goodness for modern technology.

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