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Time Flies…

   Mar 31

Bones etc

TPLT 1 Day 2 

So much for quaint little village.  (I’m not superstitious but I am not going to mention that other Q word because it’s been bad enough already).

Monday….(cue Pier Gynt Morning Suite)….beautiful sunny day, birds singing, clear blue skies, I sit down to enjoy my porridge and scrambled eggs (kindly prepared by the kitchen)…enjoying my plunged Merlo coffee (I bought the stovetop espresso maker but forgot the basket that holds the coffee) when the phone rings.

Fear the phone. (cue William Tell Overture)

Cow vs Girl…. on a cattle property…..1.5 hour drive from TPLT 1.

Funky, bumpy ride in the 4wd ambulance out to the station along very bad dirt roads.  Lucky me sitting in the front seat was on gate duty…..opening and closing the innumerable gates that we had to traverse to get to where we were going.

Girl in pain. 

Very slow ride back to TPLT 1 hospital…bumps and pain don’t go well.

Patient was tranferred eventually to NBH (Nearby Big Hospital) by private vehicle.

That took all day.  All GP patients had to be cancelled.

TPLT 1 Day 3

Busy Busy Busy day in GP clinic (cue theme from Benny Hill) – fully booked out because of yesterday’s cancellations and also not having had a GP for weeks.

Thank goodness for prior knowledge.  Would never have made it through the day and the multitude of patients without the stuff I’d learnt whilst a pharmacist.

Only saving grace is the Moo-Lah. 

TPLT 1 Day 4

Alledgedly a half day of GP stuff for me.  Allegedly.  Still totally booked out for that session.  Then a few more patients to see in the hospital OPD.

Much sleepage had in the afternoon.

TPLT 1 Day 5 (With a visit to TCLT*)

TCLT has a clinic on Fridays.  Was driven half way.  Picked up by Bush Nurse in ambulance.  Very enjoyable clinic.  Very brief tour of the town.  A few bizzarre tourist attractions.

Very nice lunch put on by Bush Nurse and Receptionist.

Driven back to TPLT. Fell asleep very early.

TPLT Day 6

Woke by phone (fear the phone).  Didn’t remember actually falling asleep.  Must have needed sleep.  Luckily phone only required a phone order.

Wouldn’t you believe it.  This weekend would be the weekend for the TPLT 1 Camp Draft.

Camp Draft = Cattle vs People = Work for me.

Fractured tib/fib required flying out.

Busy GP clinic in the AM.

Bloke on Motorbike vs Ant Hill

Ant Hill 1, Bloke on Bike 0.

Cringeworthy displaced humeral head (humerously[sic] not funny).

Second aeromedical retrieval for the day…and it’s only early afternoon.  Things come in threes…and there’s still another day and a half of Camp Drafting.

I think I need a Becks and a good lie down (double entendre intended).

Was muchly impressed to find that my washing was not only washed, but ironed and foldeded.  Could get used to this.

*TCLT = Tin Cup Little Town (i.e. much smaller than TPLT).

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