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   Apr 09

TPLT No. 1 Part II


Was supposed to leave TPLT No. 1 last Wednesday.  Alas, however, the powers that be decided that as the permanent doctor had called in sick (to stay in Brisbane a few more days) I was to stay until the following Saturday….Easter Saturday.

Not so much of a problem in itself – the staff are great and it’s not overly taxing. 

Problem is, first of all, I had my mind all keyed up to move on so it took a little mental adjusting to stay, and secondly, there were an awful lot of patients booked into the GP clinic fully expecting to see their regular doctor.

For the most part that was okay – they didn’t mind.  I did get a few people reschedule.  I was however having minor conniptions over some of the patients whom I’d seen the previous week and felt that they were a little beyond my ability and had asked them to rebook the following week (fully expecting them to be seen by a ‘real’ GP)… effectively buffing and turfing (read the House of God by Samuel Shem).  That of course had now backfired which mean I actually had to put my thinking cap on and make several phone calls (and skype calls) to various medically trained people around the globe seeking advice on the best course of management for some of these more complicated cases.

I think I managed. 

Karma of course came and bit me on the arse though – in the form of a stream of sick kids.  Paediatrics is not my forte.  In fact, the last time I did any paeds was in medical school – and in another country.  That meant several more phone calls, MSN messages and skype calls around the globe for more advice.

Thank fuck for the internet.  It has made it so much easier to provide a minimum level of health care to people who live beyond the reaches of the southeast corner and coastal areas.

Easter Thursday I actually ended up with a bonafide inpatient.  Kind of weird actually having an inpatient that I am totally responsible for (as opposed to being papermonkey for a registrar).  I am surprised at actually how much stuff I remembered when I had to and how much things became suddenly clear that I had never really quite understood up until I was forced to be making decisions on my own….without a pathology service or even a teeny weeny iStat(TM) to assist with decision making.

So with Saturday arriving, so ends my time in TPLT No. 1.

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