Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Apr 09


Sunday saw me depart TPLT No.1 and head further into the west to TPLT No.2.

A quaint little town to say the least. 

Once you are free from the foothils of the Great Divide, things flatten out.

TPLT No.2 is situated on flat wide vast sweeping countryside.  Mostly grassand low lying scrub for miles around. 

There was the most awesome sunset last night as I was walking back from the Hospital to the doctor’s house.  Serene, not humid, and you could pretty much see for miles around as a soft warm breeze whispered through the grass that was silhouetted by the sun dipping over the horizon.  Sublime.

TPLT No.2 is filled with….well…weird people.  I was told this by the people at TPLT No.1 but I must admit I was putting this down to inter-TPLT rivalry.  But ’tis true.

Because of the extended stay in TPLT No. 1 I am only here five days and leave Friday morning.

TPLT No.2 has its benefits though:

  • A real three bedroom house (as opposed to pokey flat at the back of the GP practice).
  • Austar Sat TV in the doctor’s house
  • A car (not that I really actually have anywhere I could drive to – there isn’t much within the half hour on-call reaches of the town).
  • A paramedic…yes a real one who can do real paramedic stuff (TPLT No.1 had the gardners and admin officers on the roster for driving the ambulance…making it a little difficult if the one experienced driver was not rostered on).
  • Mostly agency staff (which usually means nobody knows anything because they are all on short term visits like me)…but this time around, at least 4 of them have critical care/emergency/intensive care backgrounds – which (perish the thought) should there be a serious emergency, would hopefully mean I have lots of backup
  • It is within less than an hours drive of the nearest other doctor – so I don’t feel quite so isolated.
  • I get paid OVERTIME.  Instead of being on call 24/7 and having to deal with whatever came through the doors at whatever time, if I get called out outside of normal working hours, I will get paid call out rates! YAY.

So I have three working days in TPLT No.2 with a visit to TCLT No.2 for a half day clinic also.

In other news,  I’m now over half way through my Tour of Duty!  Two weeks today I fly out to Singapore for some much needed retail therapy.

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