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   Apr 10

Running Hot

Well both the water and my motivation are running hot.

When one is to turn on the cold tap out here, cold water is not something that should be expected.

My shower last night was a ‘cold shower’ that was about as warm as my normal shower.  The water being bore water is hot when it’s pumped out of the ground. 

It also smells like rotten eggs.

I’m sure that you could charge a fortune if it were relabelled as a health spa.

My motivation to study is also running hot.  Not sure why.  Might have been motivated after a day of slothfully watching Austar and getting fed up with rerun after rerun.  None the less, I spend a good solid evening actually answering SAQs and found it thoroughly fascinating actually understanding a thing or two.

Of course study motivation turned into a late affair so minimal sleep last night made for a tired and cranky soul this AM.

A nanna nap at lunch time rectified the situation.

What was not so hot today was the realisation (after a phone call to pay office) was that I was not going to be paid this fortnight unless I submit signed timesheets.  Nice of my beloved employer to inform me of this fact.

Frenzied emailing of forms and faxing of forms needing to be signed by everyone short of the upstairs.  I will however allegedly be paid. 

Off to TCLT No. 2 tomorrow.  An hour’s drive from TPLT No.2.  Morning clinic and then back to TPLT No.2 for an afternoon clinic.  Fingers crossed there aren’t many bookings in either.  Surprisingly enough I want to get back to the books.

Hope the motivation lasts.

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