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   Dec 09

Ageing – One Way or Another

Well. Here I am. In my 3rd decade.

It may not be what I was expecting but I guess I really can’t complain about it.

  • I am reasonably healthy.
  • I have a good bunch of friends and great family.
  • I am currently working as a PHO.
  • I have a position on the anaesthetic training program for 2008.
  • I am about to move into a very nice two bedroom woolstore apartment in Teneriffe.
  • I’m currently sipping chandon and nibbling on a nice blue vein cheese in the QANTAS club prior to my three week holiday in Singapore.

Having said that I guess there are a number of other things I have on my list of things I intend to achieve before I am forty. I guess it all comes down to tenacity, willingness, direction and to a large extent karma and fate.

I was over enjoying a nice glass of rose the other night with a few good mates and watched a film called “Harold and Maude”. Quirky and enjoyable but a very timely reminder to seize the day.

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