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Time Flies…

   Jan 23

Eine Kleine Nacht Musings

Tonight is night three (of three) of my first run of anaesthetic nights.

The consultants have been kind enough to sleep on site….lest there be some disaster or indeed just a straight forward case that I need assistance with (yay for hand-holding).

The last two nights have been “not busy” (on principle we won’t mention the Q word – especially since it’s only 2030 and I go through until 0800). I have been able to sleep a good seven hours a nigh the last two nights….there is a room with a comfy bed….well comfy as it could be with the MET pager and the Anaes Reg phone colluding malignantly together by my pillow threatening to ruin my pleasant employer-funded slumber.

So here I sit…twiddling thumbs….waiting for something to happen.

Pipedreams or Pipemares?
To make things a little more interesting….there is a series of pipes running through the dead space above the anaesthetic room. Honestly it sounds like they’re desperately trying to break free of their bindings. The ruckus is almost interminable. There is a constant knocking that is puncutated periodically by an almighty cacophony of shaking, shuddering and thudding.

It’ll be just my luck that one of the pipes will burst and I’ll be deluged with liquid of some sort.

I may well have a headache by the morning.

In other news…..

Yarning For Home
The packing/sorting/throwing is all but done. I am now happily ensconced in my Teneriffe “woolshed” (as certain friends are heard to call my woolstore apartment). The frangipannis are thriving in their new environment and my entire apartment is awash with a mixture of the scent of frangipannis and the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Crashing Down To Earth
Shame about my bed which collapsed a few days ago as I woke from the most ghastly nightmare. Still…it’s an excuse to go shopping for a new one. It’s time I graduated from a room that looks like it’s straight out of an Ikea catalogue (assuming the decorator and photographer had taken acid prior to arranging the photoshoot).

Satisfying Catharsis
Today Mum and I took an entire 1 tonne truck load of stuff from the old house to Lifeline. I suspect that at least half of it will be turfed by them…but…who cares…it’s good ju-ju giving stuff away and it saves us having to turf even more. We took a truckload of stuff to the tip today….or should I say “Transfer Station” as it seems they repackage all the garbage elsewhere in shipping containers…..I’m not sure where…. maybe there’s a burgeoning export industry in Australian garbage.

Throwing old monitors and computers and other assorted flotsam and jetsam into the pit was quite satisfying. Similarly satisfying was the sickening crunch that one of the old monitors made as it was run ove by a bulldozer.

I did wonder what nasty spores and toxins were airborne in that closed in environment – especially when one of the garbage trucks decided to empty its putrid load just as we arrived.

ADSL non-plussed
I am most upset about my internet connection…or distinct lack thereof
Last Friday was allegedly the day it was all to be connected by Telstra followed by a connection by the ISP a few days later. Today I get another email telling me it will be connected by Telstra next TUESDAY for fucks sake. I rang them to find out what was going on. Apparently, there was a problem at the exchange so they’d rescheduled it.

They neglected to inform me of this rescheduling until now.

I was non-plussed. I am wording a “rocket” to provide feedback.

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