Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Feb 17

February and Stuff

The roster looks like a dog’s breakfast. The haphazard manner in which days and nights are worked is screwing with me big time.

Can’t decide whether to sleep or wake. When I want to sleep I can’t, when I need to be awake I’m not.


Should be happening more than it is.

It is not. Something must be done about this. Buggered if I know what.

Breakfast this morning at Belle Epoque. Rudimentary. Overpriced. Atmosphere and coffee was nice.

Wandered aimlessly through Coles. Uninspired by the fresh produce and the lack of ideas in the dry foods sections.

White oil from Mitre Ten. Damn bugs on my frangipannis. Cursed little blighters. If I have to squish each one individually, so be it.

Must do some cooking today.

Sleep must happen first.

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