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   Feb 22

It’s all Go! Go! Go!

The new Go! cards are now in operation in Brisbane. I guess this means supposedly Brisbane has dragged its sorry transport arse into the 21st century.

I dropped into a 7-11 last night to pick up a card and had an incredulous minion amazed that anyone wanted to buy one (yesterday being the first day they were up for sale). Of course he then became very excited at being able to use the new card top up device that looks remarkably like an EFTPOS machine with a proximity reader attached to it. I had the dubious honour of being his first Go! card sale.

I telephoned this morning to register it so as to be able to top up my card on line. I had a momentary thought that it seems to me to be potentially very big-brotherish in that I can see where I have used my Go! card (ie routes and times)….an underhanded way of tracking movements. For the sake of convenience though I think I’ll forgo my transport privacy. I’ll just have to remember not to use my go card if ever I’m planning on doing anything clandestine (note: tongue firmly in cheek).

In other unrelated matters….

First bread batch attempt was abominable with the yeast well and truly dead. Fortunately I found some other yeast in the freezer and made a second batch of very tasty homemade bread.

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