Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Feb 22

“Oh my god! It works through leather!”

Well I never thought a piece of plastic could cause so much ado.

It really is “Much Ado About Nothing”.

I got on my bus this morning to venture forth into the city to achieve an odd errand or two (the even ones being saved for another day).

I almost felt like was the Messiah turning water into wine. I did the ‘usual’ thing I do with prox card ticketing systems (ie the Oyster or EZ link cards in London and Singapore respectively) which is to say it lives in my wallet and there it stays – I simply swipe my wallet accross the proximity reader.

No less than two bus drivers where agog and amazed when they saw lo’ and behold my wallet caused the ticket reader to validate my trip.

A couple more senior in their years must have seen my “parting of the sea” party trick of not handing over cash to the bus drive and demanded to see the fandangled bit of plastic that I’d had in my wallet….along with a barrage of questioning about how it worked and where to get one and how exciting it was.

Now if only I could work this magic on an attractive young lass….”I’ll show you mine…..”

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