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   Feb 25

Sleepless sleep

It seems it’s possible to sleep, without actually feeling like you’ve slept. Which is to say, the last three nights I have had at least five hours sleep (and then some), only to wake, handover, drive home, and sleep some more.

It seems that the quality of my sleep at work (and even now at home) is poor. Every time I wake up during my sleep at work it’s always in a frenzied panic thinking I’ve missed a MET call or the like. A quick check of the MET pager reassures me I haven’t and I can calm down and nod off to sleep again. Problem is, it’s now happening even when I’m at home. No less than three times today whilst I was sleeping, I woke with a start thinking there was a MET call to attend to….only to then realise that I was in fact at home in my own bed.

So it seems that no matter where I’m sleeping, the sleep I’m getting is not good quality sleep. Which means I’ve spent the better part of the last three days ‘asleep’ and yet I’m still very tired.

I think I need to chill out a little.

In other news, I did an ICU transfer via ambulance last night. Suffice to say I was not impressed bumping along in an ambulance trying to prevent an ET tube from dislodging every time we went over a bump (cursed roadworks). I got the impression the ambos were not quite comfortable with intubated and ventilated patients and their spaghetti of inotropes, propofol, opiates, meuromuscular blockers etc and the accompanying infusion pumps, art lines and monitoring leads.

I nicknamed the ambos tweedle dum and tweedle dumber – they had their keystone cops routine down pat, complete with attempting to blow us up by not turning the oxygen cylinder off before disconnecting the gas line – lucky there wasn’t the usual dolts smoking in the ambulance bay. Fortunately, aside from a briefly unnoticed disconnection of one of the ventilator hoses whilst unloading the ambulance (which caused the sats to drop into the 80s), the patient arrived in one piece and no worse than when we left.

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