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   Dec 16

RTW08/09 Part II – NYC

Vancouver –> NYC/ NYC Day 1
Cathay Pacific is not a bad airline. Food was tolerable. Flight was half empty. I had a full exit row to myself. Consequently slept. Arrived JFK 0600.
Bitterly cold. Well…. minus 5C so not really but for me it was. Thank goodness for layers.
Decided it was more convenient to take a Super Shuttle to accommodation rather than the subway. Ha. An hour of circling JFK terminals picking people up, then the ruddy driver couldn’t find 7th St where I wanted to be dropped. Drove around and around in circles until the other passengers got so pissed off that they gave him directions using the GPS on their phones.
Hostel is right in the East Village. Very nice. Clean. Cheap. Awesome location. Beats the crap out of other places I’ve stayed in NYC.
Caught the subway to Times Square where my conference was. Interesting topics. Lots of the speakers were pre-eminent in the field of anesthesiology – many being editors of textbooks or journals. Some interesting topics.
Dozed off in afternoon sessions.
Skipped the last session to catch up with Xav (one of the locums from Rocky).
We both went wandering around the financial district – saw NYSE and Ground Zero. Was miffed at the need to take happy snaps at Ground Zero but…to each their own I guess.
Got lost on the subway getting to SoHo as some stations closed and some trains are express. Arrived late in SoHo but worth it in the end. Went to a funky restaurant called Frankies Sputtino. Met some locals who were friends of Xav’s. We all went to a bar called Lulus after.
Walked home. Slept soundly.

NYC Day 2
Slept in. Oh well. Interesting sessions in afternoon.
Stood in TKTS line and got a ticket to Spring Awakening at the Eugene O’Neill Theater.
Not a decent cup of coffee in sight all day. Sugar overload from Starbucks (cringe) hot chocolates. Spring Awakening was a pretty good show I’d have to say. I was impressed with many aspects including the staging, lighting and set. Very effective. Some of the actors seemed to be losing their voices but oh well.

NYC Day 3
Fark. Slept in. Missed TOE workshop. Oops. Oh well. Just annoyed because I could have spent the money on other things. Got up in time to have bagel/muffin/cornflakes (free) breakfast at hostel. Flaked out on bed again after feeling like ratshit. Slept. Through several alarms. Managed to stumble uptown to conference in afternoon. Worked out the reason I was feeling so ratshit was the processed high carb high GI diet that seems to be the norm here. Sugar highs followed by sugar lows. Ate. Felt better. Attended afternoon sessions of conference. Some interesting topics that make me wonder about the future of anaesthetics. Attended a lecture on electronics in anesthesiology put on by one of the equipment companies….supposedly a free dinner…..pretty lacklustre offerings….content of lecture was worthwhile though. Wandered down to SoHo, had a look around at a few places. Booked a ticket to Boston for Thursday. Ate a slice of mushroom and broccoli pizza….rather bland…but at least it’s some protein and some vegetables. Earlyish to bed in the vain hope I get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow.

Here endeth part II

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