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   Apr 10

Forty-Four Days

A significant hiatus since posting last.

Maybe time to resurrect Tempus Fugit for a while.

Forty-four days until the vivas – don’t even know if I will be invited to sit them.  My performance in the writtens could have been so bad that I don’t.

I honestly don’t know.


What I am finding difficult though is maintaining concentration for any more than a brief period of time.

I blame (anti)social media.

I’ve become dependent on social media and a constant connection to the internet in the last few years so much so that my previously idle time (eg on a bus, waiting to be picked up, in a boring meeting) is now taken up with a quick check of the iPhone ….to check email….to tweet….to facebook….to play a move on words with friends….

I can’t recall what I did with this time previously … but when I have a phone battery go flat or I disastrously leave my phone at home or something like that I feel naked and disconnected with the world.

Which gets me back to this study business.  Every time I sit down at my computer…. I get distracted by the constant stream of information/communication and find I can’t focus for too long on studying.  The problem is: How can I effectively study?  All of the articles I need to read are online.  Everywhere I go I have connectivity.  I don’t want to print out reams of paper.

Bring back the good old days where there wasn’t so much distraction and my idle time could be spent using my brain for creative means.

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