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   Apr 10

Forty-Four Days

A significant hiatus since posting last. Maybe time to resurrect Tempus Fugit for a while. Forty-four days until the vivas – don’t even know if I will be invited to sit them. ┬áMy performance in the writtens could have been so bad that I don’t. I honestly don’t know.   What I am finding difficult [...]

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   Dec 22

RTW08/09 Part III – More From The Big Apple

Day 4 Actually the last day of the PGA. Not overly interested in sessions. Went to Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some interesting stuff but a little disappointing. Not actually the sort of art that I am interested in. Sculpture terrace was very cool. Was made even more enchanting by the fact that I was standing [...]

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   Dec 16

RTW08/09 Part II – NYC

Vancouver –> NYC/ NYC Day 1 Cathay Pacific is not a bad airline. Food was tolerable. Flight was half empty. I had a full exit row to myself. Consequently slept. Arrived JFK 0600. Bitterly cold. Well…. minus 5C so not really but for me it was. Thank goodness for layers. Decided it was more convenient [...]

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   Jul 04

A Long Day

There’s something about the smell of Jet-A1 fuel that sets the senses on fire and sparks the imagination. Now before getting carried away don’t for a moment think I’m espousing the virtues of fuel-sniffing. The sense of smell is perhaps on of the most primal of the five senses….and it is a powerful thing. Through [...]

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   Apr 17

An Arresting Performance

Well. I’ve been to cardiac arrests before. I’ve jumped on chests. I’ve uttered the words “charging to 200 joules….stand clear”. In fact, it’s refreshing to go to a real MET (Medical Emergency Team) call instead of the usual “I can’t believe this is not a MET call!”. I have to admit though, I’ve never RUN [...]

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   Jan 14

Yeah Career Change….

Guess what….I’ve changed careers. That comes with the extra letters before and after my name. Yay. Most everyone probably knows that anyhoo. It sucks though that my hourly rate drops in the process. Not coping with that bit. Must remember the big picture stuff… Still can’t complain. Am at least employed and I am aware [...]

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   Dec 08

Out on the patio, we sit – and the humidity, we feel….

The oppressive heat stifles all activity for days as the muggieness builds in intensity. It feels as though the air has been replaced with a thick lukewarm soup that we all must wade through. Days pass with no sign of relief from the heat. The evenings swelter at the marginally cooler 28 degrees. The BOM [...]

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   Nov 24

…Insert Title Here….

“Why haven’t you blogged in a while?” …because I can’t think of anything interesting to blog about. Well not entirely true. I can think of plenty of interesting things I have done since the last blog entry…but the point is I can’t think of an interesting slant that sets my writing apart from your standard [...]

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   Sep 09

MBBS Musings

Today is the four year anniversary of that dreaded interview that got me into this mess in the first place. I was in the med school today handing in the orange piece of shit (thank fuck that’s out of the way hopefully for ever and ever) and I saw that they were once again holding [...]

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   Sep 07

Much Achievment About Nothing

It’s a case of “i just don’t care enough to care” Today has been a day of achieving almost nothing. In fact, achieving almost nothing is the only achievement I have achieved today. So if that (achieving almost nothing) is not an achievement, then… I have actually achieved nothing. That would be a greater achievement. [...]

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