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   Jul 17

Wherefore Art Thou Delicious Slumber?

It is a tragedy to assume that life has to be as it is… I saw the above quote today….of all places…on one of those noticeboards that churches and schools have to attract the attention of passers by. Normally I find most of the propaganda on boards like that uninteresting or cringeworthy (not being particularly [...]

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   Jul 13

After January

Another day beginning at 4pm. I really should attempt to start getting used to arising ante-meridian (that’s in the AM)…next year is just going to SUCK with hideous starts at 0700hrs and the like. Oh well. Enjoy them while they last. I drove down to Brisvegas this evening to see the preview performance of Nick [...]

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   Jul 01


(that’s the sound my brain makes when fragments of thought click into place). My brain noisily went “ding!” at around 0200 this morning (startling a pigeon who was roosting nearby…don’t ask) when, while listening to Martin Pearson’s “Unfinished Spelling Errors of Bolkien” (well worth listening to if you want to hear LOTR have the piss [...]

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   Jun 30

Happy New (Financial) Year

Good news….preferences closed today. And after I was angsty last night when PAH went over quota, it was back to quota by COB today….which means (if I have read the QH website correctly) I am locked in and will be working there next year. I hope this is a good thing. It’s too late to [...]

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   Jun 28

The most important skill…

Never mind learning resuscitation skills….never mind learning about drugs….never mind communication skills…. …the most important skill you need as a doctor (apparently) is…..”Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS)”. RPS is the most important skill when it comes down to crucial decisions about patient care….or so it would seem after my day today. No less than three times [...]

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   Jun 28

The Ward Call Commando Course….

Five hours in theatre. Pus abounded. Most impressive was the cottage-cheese butt-volcano…. a multiple headed pus-filled monster of an abcess. Plenty of caseous discharge prior to it’s incision and drainage. I recall the famous words of my micro lecturer…. Never let the sun go down on undrained pus The anaesthetist who I was shadowing decided [...]

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   Jun 25

Old shoes don’t die…they just lose their soles.

**groan** I know, I know, it’s not the cleverest or funniest of jokes…but it is a good segue into this post. A dear friend of mine recently wrote about shoes. Okay so I would be stupid if I said it was “JUST” about shoes….but…. it got me thinking….. How does a shoe feel when it’s [...]

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   Jun 22

I have no underwear today….

The strangest thing happened this morning…. I woke up to find that there were a thousand monkies eating my underwear. Now feeding a thousand simian epicureans with my feeble collection of undergarments is no mean feat. Obviously there had to be other ingredients added to bulk up the quantity and improve the otherwise bland flavour. [...]

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   Jun 21

Number 96!

Egads! It’s crept up on me. I was not expecting to be sub-100 so quickly. Exams-ho! But hopefully that means I will be over them quickly too. I want this whole process to be like a bandaid removal – quick and hopefully relatively painless. I have managed to pull reasonable results out of my arse [...]

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   Nov 01

NaNoWriMo Madness!

Okay This would have to have been the stupidest thing I have thought of doing…..well this month in particular anyhoo. NaNoWriMo….National Novel Writing Month. I first heard about it last year when I was taking a break from the second-year-study-slog. I must have been mid-november because I remember thinking…. what a wonderful idea! And of [...]

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