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   Oct 16

That Jacaranda Feeling…

Floods of purple. Pungent, sweet and delectable perfume pervading the air. Gray clouds building up after an oppressively hot day. Ahhhh I love this time of the year. When the jacarandas start to flower it means that the holidays are near. It means exams will be shortly upon us (there was a time that fear [...]

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   Oct 11

Writer’s Block or Writer’s Diarrhoea?

This morning….when I should have been sleeping….at around 0400hrs I had a rapid fire of inspirational brainwaves about some story ideas. I guess the writer’s equivalent of Traveller’s diarrhoea….Writer’s Diarrhoea. It’s funny how my most creative time of the day always seems to be when I am dead tired with a million other things that [...]

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   Sep 19

iPod uPod we ALL Pod

This is my first post using the email-2-blog setup that wordpress has. This entry is in fact an email that I am writing….when I send it off to an undisclosed address a little cron job that I have set up will automagically translate my ramblings into the appropriate bits and pieces that you are reading [...]

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   Sep 13

Brisvegas Writers Festival

There was a big liftout in this weekend’s Curious Mail that had me excited….the Brisvegas Writer’s Festival is coming to town. Conveniently the day that I have my medicine rotation exam. It certainly looks like a fantastic way to inspire the creative juices to produces something more than the self absorbed drivel that I resort [...]

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   Sep 09

Dr Insomniac – Take TWO!

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck! Okay I am not impressed. I have just spent 20 minutes writing an entry and then bloody firefox decides to go and die on me…..so I lose the post. Right well…..lesson learned….save your post regularly. Anyhoo I was just lamenting that with sleeping patterns such as mine I will [...]

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