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   Apr 17

An Arresting Performance

Well. I’ve been to cardiac arrests before. I’ve jumped on chests. I’ve uttered the words “charging to 200 joules….stand clear”. In fact, it’s refreshing to go to a real MET (Medical Emergency Team) call instead of the usual “I can’t believe this is not a MET call!”. I have to admit though, I’ve never RUN [...]

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   Dec 03

The End

About four years ago one Saturday morning, having been hung over as hell from a party the night before at the staff social club, I donned my rollerblades and set off on a merry adventure to pick up my car from the hospital car park where it had been left the day before. Passing the [...]

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   Oct 29

The Medical School Should Be Shot

*sound of words being eaten* Okay….I PASSED. Amazingly. I now have no credibility whatsoever with anyone. Nobody will ever believe me when I say I am going to fail ever again…I thinks I have cried wolf one too many times. The medical school should be shot. There is no way I should have passed…but I [...]

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   Oct 02

Thank Fcuk It’s Over

Saturday brought much goodness. Time between Wednesday morning and Saturday morning was interminably slow. As usual I did nothing pertaining to study. Saturday was…stressful. I might, however scrape through. Maybe. I will find out in 25 days. The point is…it’s over. The feeling is almost better than sex. Assuming the Karma Gods have smiled on [...]

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   Sep 05

Gah!!! Paperwork!

‘Twas with muchos excitement today that a big parcel arrived in my mailbox from PAH. It had all my commencement paperwork…a very thick wad of intimidating and confusing documents and forms that require attention before 30th September (just when my concentration should be focused on actually passing so that I am legally able to work [...]

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   Aug 31

Last Day of the Month Before

Today sees one more barrier fall down…tomorrow I enter the month that is the month of hell. The month in which my hideous horrible ghoulish exams are. Twenty-Six days and counting. Most definitely counting. Six-Hundred-And-Twenty hours until the first flame from hell arrives. I feel like I am on the Titanic (no I’m not feeling [...]

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   Aug 27

I know nussing.

Past papers today demonstrate I do not know a thing about the shoulder or about the eye. In other news…my Piano/Vocal score of Avenue Q arrived from amazon dot com this week…so I have procrastinatory material. Spent time today looking at flights around Europe….easyjet is SOOOOO cheap. Have weekend trips to London planned as well [...]

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   Aug 26

Wheels in motion…

My RTW ticket is paid in full! Yaay. Felt weird carrying thousands of dollars in cash in my pocket today to go pay for it. My elective is…closer to being finalised. Apparently I am confirmed for Copenhagen with students from Quebec, Israel and Greece also being there at the same time. A month today until [...]

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   Aug 22

Sleep? Wake? Whatever!

Daylight apparently means nothing to my pineal gland. Or maybe I don’t have a pineal gland. In whichever case….I slept from 1430 to 0130 yesterday which means I have been up now since 0130. Procrastination to the max…all my ironing is done!!! And the washing. And had I had flour I would have made some [...]

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   Aug 16

Nudity, False Alarms and Countertransference

Not sure why…not motivated to write much at present. Perhaps I am experiencing secondary anideaorrhea…okay poor attempt at a neologism…before I experience any creative spotting or flooding I thinks I will stem the flow of poor taste jokes that may or may not have anything to do with my current rotation. Med Revue: last night, [...]

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