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   Apr 10

Forty-Four Days

A significant hiatus since posting last. Maybe time to resurrect Tempus Fugit for a while. Forty-four days until the vivas – don’t even know if I will be invited to sit them. ┬áMy performance in the writtens could have been so bad that I don’t. I honestly don’t know.   What I am finding difficult [...]

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   Dec 25

RTW 08/09 Part IV – Europe

London – Day One Eventually boarded a flight to London around 0130. Arrived lunchtime. Was supposed to catch up and spend the day with Big G who’d taken a day off work. Caught up in the afternoon – better late than never. Staying at the usual … Palmer’s lodge at Swiss Cottage. Amazingly cheap for [...]

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   Dec 22

RTW08/09 Part III – More From The Big Apple

Day 4 Actually the last day of the PGA. Not overly interested in sessions. Went to Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some interesting stuff but a little disappointing. Not actually the sort of art that I am interested in. Sculpture terrace was very cool. Was made even more enchanting by the fact that I was standing [...]

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   Dec 13

RTW08/09 Part I

Greetings from Vancouver airport. Brisbane –> Sydney Flight delayed an hour. Would have missed international connection had it not also been delayed. Sydney –> Honolulu Remarkably an exit row == lots of leg room Minimal sleep (if any) Studied. Actually studied. Amazing but true. Honolulu Hot. Humid. Check in counters outdoors (go figure). Check in [...]

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   Sep 09


I’m not sure how or why, but I passed. The Pharmacology portion of the Part I is mine – done and dusted. Incredible, unbelievable and yet true – they passed me. As a colleague said “I’m dissapointed at the standard they’re letting through these days”. What does this mean? Well, another exam in Feb, that’s [...]

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   Aug 14


Always a fan of neologisms….. Commiser-brations ….. simultaneously experiencing commiserations and celebrations (perhaps synonymous with Bittersweet??) So… I got a pharm viva. I didn’t get a phys viva. Well, I didn’t exactly do anything for phys so why should I expect to. But then… on another level, I didn’t exactly put the effort in to [...]

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   Aug 12

The In Between Bit

So here I am in the middle. Not rock bottom and not over the moon. Far from the beginning but a long way to go before the finish line. Any day now viva invitations and or rejections are in the post. Which means hopefully soon enough I’ll be able to know if I’ve been able [...]

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   Jul 24

Exam Musings

Better than expected. Not as good as I would have liked. Far too close to call. Ironically most of the MCQs and in fact some SAQs I was able to answer were from the “half a textbook” I read the night before the exam. A surreal experience not to have an exam imminently looming. I [...]

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   Jul 04

A Long Day

There’s something about the smell of Jet-A1 fuel that sets the senses on fire and sparks the imagination. Now before getting carried away don’t for a moment think I’m espousing the virtues of fuel-sniffing. The sense of smell is perhaps on of the most primal of the five senses….and it is a powerful thing. Through [...]

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   May 11

A Powerful Read

There are a lot of crap books written out there. Some can just be chewed up and spat out like a used piece of chewing gum. Others can evoke a violent emotional response. I’ve just finished reading a book that had me bawling my eyes out even though I already knew what the ending was. [...]

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