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   Apr 29

An Organic Dilemma

Is it just me or does it seem monumentally wrong, that unless you say otherwise, potentially when you die, your organs could be taken and given to someone else. To me the ‘opt-out’ organ donation scheme mooted for Qld is almost akin to someone saying “when you die, unless you say you don’t want us [...]

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   Feb 25

Sleepless sleep

It seems it’s possible to sleep, without actually feeling like you’ve slept. Which is to say, the last three nights I have had at least five hours sleep (and then some), only to wake, handover, drive home, and sleep some more. It seems that the quality of my sleep at work (and even now at [...]

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   Feb 22

“Oh my god! It works through leather!”

Well I never thought a piece of plastic could cause so much ado. It really is “Much Ado About Nothing”. I got on my bus this morning to venture forth into the city to achieve an odd errand or two (the even ones being saved for another day). I almost felt like was the Messiah [...]

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   Feb 22

On becoming a piece of furniture…

Last night I went to the trainee committee meeting (just to see what it was all about). Somehow I walked away as the new chair of said committee. Not sure how that happened. Or if it’s a good thing. Time will tell.

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   Feb 22

It’s all Go! Go! Go!

The new Go! cards are now in operation in Brisbane. I guess this means supposedly Brisbane has dragged its sorry transport arse into the 21st century. I dropped into a 7-11 last night to pick up a card and had an incredulous minion amazed that anyone wanted to buy one (yesterday being the first day [...]

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   Feb 18

Resorting to Risotto

A day of sleep all day. Means I’ll be awake all night. Means I’ll sleep all tomorrow. Means I’ll be awake all tomorrow night….which means I’ll be fucked at work on Tuesday. Creme brulee with Imma. Noice. Resorted to making risotto whenst I got home. A mushroom risotto. I think it could have done with [...]

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   Feb 17

February and Stuff

The roster looks like a dog’s breakfast. The haphazard manner in which days and nights are worked is screwing with me big time. Can’t decide whether to sleep or wake. When I want to sleep I can’t, when I need to be awake I’m not. Study. Should be happening more than it is. It is [...]

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   Jan 23

Eine Kleine Nacht Musings

Tonight is night three (of three) of my first run of anaesthetic nights. The consultants have been kind enough to sleep on site….lest there be some disaster or indeed just a straight forward case that I need assistance with (yay for hand-holding). The last two nights have been “not busy” (on principle we won’t mention [...]

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   Dec 09

Ageing – One Way or Another

Well. Here I am. In my 3rd decade. It may not be what I was expecting but I guess I really can’t complain about it. I am reasonably healthy. I have a good bunch of friends and great family. I am currently working as a PHO. I have a position on the anaesthetic training program [...]

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   Nov 27

The Last Post

… this would be my last post as a twenty-something. I feel ancient – that ominous third decade hits tomorrow. I am not sure what I was expecting to achieve by the time I hit 30 but I’m not sure I’m where I wanted to be. For some reason I feel incredibly underachieved and unfulfilled [...]

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