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   Nov 04

Bollywood Dancing for Dummies

I had the opportunity to attend the wedding reception of one of my good friends this evening. The reception was an Indian wedding reception (in no small part due to the fact that the groom was of Indian descent). I seems that the reception was a somewhat lavish affair with decorations that made me feel [...]

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   Nov 03

Malaena in the Morning

…sounds like a bad rip off of “Mornings with Kerri-Anne” or something. Am not sure which is worse – that….or actual Malaena in the morning. Nonetheless it was the latter not the former that I had to deal with on my last night before a glorious eight days off. I wandered into the unit to [...]

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   Oct 31

Breakfast Voyeurism

“BiPAP” is not a common word outside of intensive care units. Consequently when it is used in two unrelated breakfast conversations at the same cafe it’s somewhat intriguing. Oh okay not really – but cause for comment. Which I have just done….commented that is, on the events of this morning… Last night was my first [...]

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   Jan 29

More means less

Why do I always write less when I have more to write about? I’m chockers full of things to say about new jobs and new people I’ve met and new things I’ve done. But the problem is…where is the time to write about them? Live consists of…work….sleep…move house…move mum’s house…rehearsal…. …and what time I have [...]

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   Jan 14

Yeah Career Change….

Guess what….I’ve changed careers. That comes with the extra letters before and after my name. Yay. Most everyone probably knows that anyhoo. It sucks though that my hourly rate drops in the process. Not coping with that bit. Must remember the big picture stuff… Still can’t complain. Am at least employed and I am aware [...]

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   Dec 19

The Irrits

I am irritated. Muchly so. In an attempt to be less irritated… I am going to bitch and moan about the things that irritate me at this present juncture (what a funky word). Best not to read any further. You have been warned. I don’t feel like packing up to move I wish I was [...]

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   Dec 12

I am embarrassed to be an Australian!

I have to say I am beginning to wonder whether it’s time to think about moving to another country. I can’t believe the racial hatred that is happening in this country. Shame on us all! So much for being open-minded, welcoming, friendly, easy-going people. It seems that we’re bigoted, narrow minded and fucked in the [...]

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   Dec 08

Out on the patio, we sit – and the humidity, we feel….

The oppressive heat stifles all activity for days as the muggieness builds in intensity. It feels as though the air has been replaced with a thick lukewarm soup that we all must wade through. Days pass with no sign of relief from the heat. The evenings swelter at the marginally cooler 28 degrees. The BOM [...]

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   Dec 03

Oh Grrrrr

Debut today as ‘The Ogre’ in Puss ‘n’ Boots at The Arts. Remarkably the performance went of reasonably well considering that I have had one rehearsal with the cast (last week) and I have seen the show twice. Something to be said for jumping into a role without having to go through the rig’m’role of [...]

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   Nov 26

I wish I could go back to college…..

No apologies for the flagrant unveiled reference to Avenue Q….’cause it’s great…trust me – I’ve seen it! Okay okay….my main reason for wanting to ‘go back to college’…or in local lexicon…go back to uni….is because Sunday (day before my birthday for anyone who is interested)…marks the expiration of my student card….which means the end of [...]

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