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   Nov 24

…Insert Title Here….

“Why haven’t you blogged in a while?” …because I can’t think of anything interesting to blog about. Well not entirely true. I can think of plenty of interesting things I have done since the last blog entry…but the point is I can’t think of an interesting slant that sets my writing apart from your standard [...]

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   Nov 11


I love living in a backwards country. Why does it take so long for Australia to embrace technology. I am…as has been something I have been doing an alarming number of times today and yesterday…sitting in a Starbucks (yes the McDonalds of coffee). Why then, might you ask, would I be here…. …because I have [...]

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   Nov 11

Meandering Lower Manhattan

Second last day in New York. Six weeks overseas has flown. Today has been cruisy. Wandering around Lower Manhatten. In and out of bookstores and coffee shops. Nice not to have to be anywhere at any particular time. Enjoying the surrounds. Taking in the sights and sounds and smells – both good and not so [...]

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   Oct 22

Advancing Technology

Am most intrigued at being able to surf the internet (for free) using my wireless connection from my laptop whilst sitting on a train between Copenhagen in Denmark and Linkoping in Sweden. There are even powerpoints for laptops. The main page that opens when you start your internet browser includes a real time map of [...]

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   Oct 19


Getting lost is good exercise. By the time you have wandered around taking a wrong turn or many you have walked far more than you had anticipated. Nice to wander though. Lots to be seen that would otherwise not be seen. Vegemite is a godsend. Reminds me of home. Makes me feel Australian when abroad. [...]

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   Sep 09

MBBS Musings

Today is the four year anniversary of that dreaded interview that got me into this mess in the first place. I was in the med school today handing in the orange piece of shit (thank fuck that’s out of the way hopefully for ever and ever) and I saw that they were once again holding [...]

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   Sep 07

Much Achievment About Nothing

It’s a case of “i just don’t care enough to care” Today has been a day of achieving almost nothing. In fact, achieving almost nothing is the only achievement I have achieved today. So if that (achieving almost nothing) is not an achievement, then… I have actually achieved nothing. That would be a greater achievement. [...]

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   Sep 05

Gah!!! Paperwork!

‘Twas with muchos excitement today that a big parcel arrived in my mailbox from PAH. It had all my commencement paperwork…a very thick wad of intimidating and confusing documents and forms that require attention before 30th September (just when my concentration should be focused on actually passing so that I am legally able to work [...]

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   Aug 31

Last Day of the Month Before

Today sees one more barrier fall down…tomorrow I enter the month that is the month of hell. The month in which my hideous horrible ghoulish exams are. Twenty-Six days and counting. Most definitely counting. Six-Hundred-And-Twenty hours until the first flame from hell arrives. I feel like I am on the Titanic (no I’m not feeling [...]

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   Aug 27

I know nussing.

Past papers today demonstrate I do not know a thing about the shoulder or about the eye. In other news…my Piano/Vocal score of Avenue Q arrived from amazon dot com this week…so I have procrastinatory material. Spent time today looking at flights around Europe….easyjet is SOOOOO cheap. Have weekend trips to London planned as well [...]

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