Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Mar 01

Spine Tingling

Three Months Two Days

Today I stuck sharp things into the spinal canals of people.  I had never done this before.  Luckily, the people I did this to didn’t know this fact.  Not that it would have mattered because the spinal block worked and there were no sequelae (that I’m aware of).

   Nov 26

Feelings of ‘OhFuckit’


And I agreed to do this why?

First group study session today for Part I of ‘Operation FANZCA’.  I know not very much.  I am a lazy slack bastard.  How the hell am I going to learn all this material before July.  Why am I going down this path?  Why why why why why.

Supposedly the end justifies the means.  I’m just a little overwhelmed at present by the sheer mountain of content and concepts to be grasped.

Regularly experiencing feelings of ‘ohfuckit’ throughout the day at work as well as when I should be studying.

Far more exciting things I’d like to be doing.

On the other hand…if I don’t do it…I’ll be stuck where I am.  Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I think really the hardest part is actually getting started.  Haven’t really studied in earnest since the end of second year.  That was nearly three years ago.  So it’s a cold shock to the system actually having to study and having to learn content in depth.

Well….I’ve started.  Here’s hoping I gather some momentum some time soon.  I am perhaps regretting being convinced to do Anthems at 45rpm at present.

On a brighter note….7 weeks left until general registration.  Seven weeks left until I change hospitals.

   Nov 17

The Pits.

Today was literally the pits.  Aside from that it was a good day.
Must sleep.

Must write about today sometime.

   Nov 17

Stuff, maybe too much thereof, maybe not

What part of ‘overcommit’ do I not understand?

Have a full cast for Charlie.  Some very talented individuals.  It freaks me out a tad that some of the actor’s I’m directing are probably far more qualified than I am.

Somehow I’m now in a show called Anthems at 45rpm.  A case of wrong place at the wrong time – went to photocopy scripts for charlie and bumped into Lynne (director of said show) who had issues with a declining number of men in her show – so now sometime in the next two weeks I’m to learn a heap of song AND dance and then start going on stage sometime after opening night…..have to fill in for someone on December 16th….lines need to be learnt then.

First gathering of ‘Team PassPartOne’ tonight.  Timmeh, and Ross and I are mad enough to attempt to somehow obtain enough information between now and July 2nd to pass the ANZCA Part I.  Mad I tell you – all mad! Not quite sure where I’ll find the time to fit that in.

Maybe there’s some chewing happening of stuff that’s been bitten off.  The question is will there be indigestion or a full on obstruction?

   Nov 04

Bloody Procrastination

I know I am the grand high master of procrastination…but geez I wish I wasn’t sometimes.

Two days into operation “Pass Part I” and I have thought of a million excuses not to study…but if I keep this up, passing will not be happening anytime soon.

Need to sit down with no distractions and just do it…

… in other news….am on Breast and Endocrine Surgery.  Enough saggy boobs to sink a battleship.  Lots of sad stories.

Workload isn’t to bad however.

Ten weeks remain until the jump up to the peninsula. Funky e-toll transponder arrived today.  I can’t believe I am now an e-toll carrying bloody commuter.  What was I thinking.


should shave….can’t be fucked

should study….can’t be fucked

should be writing…can’t be fucked

should be exercising….can’t be fucked

should be doing lots of things….

…should be living my life….apparently I can’t be fucked.

Nuff said.

   Oct 19

Last Legs


Tired.  Grumpy (more so than usual before anyone dares comment).  Eleven-and-half hours stuck in a bloody middle seat in economy class makes for a less than joyous me.

There’s not much that inspires me to work hard and climb the ladders of promotion, but frankly, the sooner I am earning enough to afford a business class seat on long haul flights….the better.

So, having survived the suboptimal mosey from London to Singapore via Amsterdam, I am now languishing at Changi airport for 6.5 hours before the last leg of my journey home (that is to say, last aircraft leg – I’m guessing it’s going to be an epic journey in itself getting from the airport to my house in light of the ‘cracker’ of a time Main Roads engineers seem to be having in Brisvegas at the moment.

Fingers crossed that the window seat I have for the last flight will allow me ample sleepage – I’ve been awake now for over 24 hours and it seems like an eternity ago that I was in London.

Much duty-free shopping to be had (assuming I can be motivated to).  Have managed thus far some smelly stuff and a pair of sunnies.  Grog will have to wait till arrival in Oz since the new security laws on cabin baggage prevent more than one bag.

Will be bizarre to be back in Brisbane after the longish-but-oh-so-short time away.  (I got raised eyebrows and a grilling from a disbelieving UK customs official when I said I was on a 5 week holiday from work…..do they not exist in the UK?).

Off for a foot massage for a bit whilst I await my boarding call.

   Oct 18

Walkabout The Local Locale

Sad Sad Sad.

My last night in London….Went out looking for pubbage with Andrew, an Aussie from Perth.

Alas the only pub open when we went out at at 11pm on a Tuesday night was….

A fucking “we’re pretending to be Australian” pub called the Walkabout pub.

Not happy Jan!  For a start, the Walkabout creek pub (aka McKinlay pub) that I’m assuming the branding was based on is nothing like this cheap and tawdry “Aussie Pub”.  In fact, in all the Aussie pubs I’ve been to in Australia…..it was nothing like it.

Fortunately I was not forced to drink Fosters (no self-respecting Australian would)…there was Guinness on tap for £2 per pint.

Homeward bound now…..30-odd hours of travelling, arriving back in Brisvegas 0630 Friday.

   Oct 18

Vale ‘Annual-Leave-06-Euro-Wander’

The end of my trip has come too fast.

Here I sit in London the day before I return to Oz and the shackles of employment.

I have to admit this hostel (Palmer’s lodge – bit of a wanky name I reckon if you will pardon the pun) is probably the best I have stayed in when I have visited london – free WiFi, clean, nice beds, close to tube, reasonable breakfast included, cheap beer and food in the bar, non-smoking.

Phew five weeks has passed all too quickly – and yet it seems an age ago that I was in Prague.  I’ve managed to visit quite a few countries and see quite a few things whilst over here.

Some thoughts:

  • There seems to be an awful lot of the denomination known as ‘The church of the perpetual renovation’ (hat tip to Frank for that one) across Europe – by that I mean, half the time you couldn’t take a good shot because of all the scaffolding around the building.
  • My liver needs a nice long period of convalescence – beer being cheaper than water might be a good thing in theory…in practice….maybe not for extended periods.  Given that European (particularly Eastern European) beer shits all over mainstream Australian beer, there’s a good chance I will be ‘dry’ for a while.
  • There are far too many museums, cathedrals, castles, palaces, art galleries, sights to take in on one trip – better to leave plenty for the next time.  I think my ‘places of cultural interest’ enzyme is well and truly saturated – and thus if we recall first order enzyme kinetics – it’s pointless adding any more, I’m not going to digest them any quicker.  This doesn’t seem to be an inducible enzyme isoform.
  • I feel like I’m in a cultural backwater in Brisvegas – there is not enough Jazz, live music and theatre venues for my liking.  I have certainly enjoyed sampling the live entertainment that Europe has to offer – well and truly whet my appetite for further forays.
  • Brisbane, as well as being a cultural backwater is also a transport backwater.  Oh for a Metro system, and trains and busses that run every five minutes not every hour.
  • I have read more novels on this trip than I have all year.  I also have a list of authors a mile long that I want to read now.  I think I have been into just as many bookshops as I have churches and museums.
  • As per usual, the more I travel, the more I want to travel.  It’s like an (expensive) addictive habit.  I am pretty sure you can’t buy patches to ease the cravings.
  • I will enjoy the comfort of my own bed – in a room that is not full of snorers and wankers (and I mean that in the literal sense).
  • My credit card may never recover.
  • Only a year or so until I can hopefully move to Europe for a bit….not that I’m counting.

So, staring down the barrel of 30 hours of airline travel being spat out back in the Antipodes, I have to say I feel immensly fullfilled by my wanderings, but as per usual the Wanderlust continues.

   Oct 13

The Abode of Dobe

Greetings from the sleepy town of Basel in the fence-sitting country of Switzerland.

A quaint little town on the Rhine. Somewhat bizarre given that it spreads over three countries. France and Germany are about ten minutes walk from ‘The Abode of Dobe’ – the delightful guest house on the ‘wrong side of the river’ that I’ve been kindly allowed to seek refuge in.

I must have tourist written all over my face (either that or some well-meaning … or perhaps pisstaking local has pinned a sign to my back saying ‘tourist’) because having wandered through town and in and out of various houses of commerce, it seems that although the people before and after me are addressed in German, whenever I arrive at a counter, I’m addressed in English. A tad disconcerting.

Seems to be much to see and do in this thigh of the world (I say thigh because there are already far too many necks of the world, and besides, it’s a very attractive part of the world and seems to be somewhat close to the ‘Black Forest’ within which I believe there are many wonderous things – consequently thigh would seem appropriate).

Realised with alarm and consternation that I have less than a week before I arrive home to Brisvegas – spelling an end to my wandering for the time being. Ninety odd days left at my current place of employment before I am no longer interned….sounds like I’m buried (well one letter away from it anyways) – apt I suppose… I feel buried in said place of employment – I need to be ‘disinterned’… or perhaps exhumed from the mountain of overtime and paperwork I seem to be stuck doing. Roll on being able to shake free from the shackles of internship.

   Oct 11

‘The I’ve Seen Sweet Fugger All of Dublin’ trip to Dublin

I hate to say it but I’m a tad over looking at pretty cathedrals, mausoleums, museums, statues, monuments and other flotsam and jetsam from the past.

Sum total of my experiences in Dublin consist of….

  • Guinness factory (but only cause it had a free pint at the end and was next door to the hostel)
  • A funky jazz club
  • A brief wander around Temple Bar
  • Attending a funky play as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival (do all Irish plays feature the word fuck as every second word with an occasional cunt and shithole thrown in as well as a bit of gratuitous frontal nudity and riding a statue of the Virgin Mary?) …. nonetheless quite an interesting and funky play.
  • Browsing through three million bookshops
  • Reading novels and drinking coffee in umpteen coffee shops (my favourite being one called Insomnia because it’s got a funky name and the coffee doesn’t taste like shit).

I think there must be lots of historical stuff and pretty sights and stuff that I haven’t seen – but… to tell the truth… I really don’t care…not because it would be any less interesting than the countless others I’ve seen, but realistically, I just want to sit and read a book and enjoy the last vestiges of my holiday before I am subjected again to the joys that are being an intern. 

Twelve more weeks whenst I return until I get general registration and change hospitals… I look forward to it with vigour and enthusiasm.

To Switzerland tomorrow.  Will be much fun to catch up with Crazy Chris as well as loitering in a few local caffeine establishments and continuing my literary adventure…. oh yeah and there could be some funky wanderings in the mountains if the weather holds out apparently….which would be good… I need some good clean wholesome exercise and fresh air.

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